Food to help you fight that Christmas hangover this December
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on 13th December 2018 | Healthy lifestyle

Food to help you fight that Christmas hangover

Fight that Christmas hangover

Food to help you fight that Christmas hangover

Christmas is a time of celebration and spending time with the people you love. You also spend the time with food and drink you love. And that’s all fun and games until your well-honed diet goes out the window. Let’s face it – the older you get, the longer the hangover is. You shouldn’t have to skip the drinks this year, so here are some hangover cures that will help you feel ho-ho-wholesome again.

Fry up the healthy way

The holy grail of hangover cures has long been a greasy fry-up. It isn’t a healthy option though, which only makes matters worse. The salty, fatty, and sugary foods won’t help clear away your headache, and will probably leave you feeling worse for wear. If a full English is your usual pick-me-up, make it healthier.

Switch fried eggs for poached eggs, fried bread for whole grain toast, and double up on healthy vegetables like tomatoes, mushrooms, and spinach. The spinach can help soak up any leftover alcohol in your system with its hangover busting folic acid and vitamin C. You can also try grilling sausages or bacon instead of pan frying.

For vegetarians or vegans, why not enjoy a slice or two of avocado on toast? Everybody’s favourite breakfast ingredient can help raise potassium levels after a night of heavy drinking. It might even have some longer-lasting health effects.

On the go

If your social calendar is jam-packed this holiday season and you need something for on the go, try eating a banana. The potassium-rich fruit helps to boost electrolytes that one too many drinks can lower. Try adding it to porridge for a slow release of energy to get you through the rest of the day.

Drinks anyone?

If you can’t stomach food just yet, there are plenty of drinks you can try. A cup or two of ginger tea might just do the trick to ease your nausea. The festive spice can help calm down your stomach and is a great way to rehydrate, especially if you forgot to drink water before passing out. Mix in some honey to help your body get rid of the alcohol quicker. If all else fails, try drinking some water, taking an ibuprofen, and getting an early night.

A Christmas drink or two (or ten) is okay as long as you don’t get carried away. Make sure you stay hydrated at the next party and think twice before accepting those free tequila shots.

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