on 19th October 2018 | Healthy lifestyle

How to detox the healthy way

How to detox

How to detox the healthy way

Detoxing has earned itself a bad reputation after being associated with juice cleansers and other unhealthy diets and fads. But what does detoxing really mean? There’s a lot more to it than drinking beetroot juice in place of meals in an effort to lose weight without the hassle.

Body and mind

A detox diet shouldn’t feel like you have to keep tabs on every single thing you eat and drink. It should be treated as a positive change that will benefit both your physical and emotional health instead of leaving you sat at your desk craving sugar and salt-filled foods.

Although detoxes started as a type of diet to clear the body of toxins, chemicals, and other harmful elements from your body, they have developed into much more than that. You can detox both your body and mind – the point is to rid yourself of negativity, be it bad food or a bad breakup. Or even a breakup with your favourite takeaway.


But what does this mean? Aside from helping you to feel and look healthier, and make sure your insides are functioning well, it can help to clear your skin, lose weight, and improve your body for the better.


Think about how many times you have heard people saying that this or that cause spots. If you struggle with bad skin, what you eat could be behind it. Why not see if eliminating certain ingredients from your diet helps your skin to glow. Sugar isn’t good for a lot of things. From weight gain to restless nights to rotten teeth, it doesn’t do any good. Is it just us or can you feel your skin breaking out just thinking about it?

Today, not tomorrow

The best way to start detoxing is to start right now. Don’t keep putting it off and saying you’ll ‘do it tomorrow’. An effective way to start your detox is by planning. Plan what you will eat, so you don’t end up snacking on junk food in place of proper meals. We’re not saying to never indulge, but don’t do it all the time. Swap out the artificial sugar for natural sugar – eat some strawberries, not strawberry ice cream. Similarly, don’t feel like you have to starve yourself.

Beauty sleep

Get at least eight hours of sleep a night. Not getting enough sleep, or even too much, won’t help you tone up. This is because the hunger chemical (ghrelin) increases while the appetite suppressant (leptin) chemical decreases.

There are many ways you can detox, from food to sleep to eliminating stress. A hearty and healthy meal is the start of your journey to feeling healthy and treating your body the right way.

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