Increase your productivity with delicious meal prep today
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on 17th August 2018 | Healthy lifestyle

Increase your productivity with delicious meal prep

meal prep isn't as hard as you thought

Increase your productivity with delicious meal prep

We want to play a word association game with you. If we were to say to you “Instagram food”, what would you think of? We’d imagine that gorgeous colours, juicy looking ingredients, vibrant colours, flavoursome dishes, and all out food porn comes to mind.

What do you think of?

What if we were to play the same game with the words “meal prep”, now what do you think of? We asked the office next door and they came up with the following:

  • Tupperware
  • Chicken and brocolli
  • Eating the same foods
  • A massive food shop
  • Hours spend cooking
  • Forgotten lunches and going without
  • A nightmare for washing up
  • Bland and boring
  • Tasteless
  • It’s only for bodybuilders

You get the idea.

I don’t have time

Most people only associate meal prep with avid gym goers and that when cooking the meals themselves, it can take forever — and make a mess of the kitchen. After the 50+ hours you’ve just put into the office, we’d imagine the last thing you want is to drag yourself around Marks and Sparks before heading home for an evening of chopping and sauteeing. Whos got time for that? Actually, we have.

It’s true, preplanned and prepared meals do make bodybuilders lives easier. But have you ever stopped to wonder why? In context, you’re looking at individuals whos diaries are maxed out. Between sessions, work, and a busy home life, not only is it essential that they get their optimal nutrients, but they haven’t got time to faff around day in day out.

Wait a minute, doesn’t that sound like you?

Be healthy

Have you ever gotten to the end of the day and realised that you’ve not eaten a morsel all day? In between client meetings and phone calls, when were you supposed to find the time? The problem is, not getting the appropriate nutrition throughout the day will very quickly lead you to be tired, stressed, and hangry (no one wants that!)

By eating the right foods for you, you can healthily get through the day, not to mention dramatically improve your performance in the workplace. An easy solution would be to slow cook a chilli or a stew on a Sunday evening, ready for you to pop in your bag in the morning. That sounds dreadfully dull though doesn’t it? We might have just the solution for you.

Here at SoulMate Food, we’re proud of our passion for creating stunning and nutritious dishes. We believe the key to a happier, healthier lifestyle is harmoniously balancing ingredients and flavours that leave you feeling good on the inside and looking fantastic on the out. That’s why, twice a week, we deliver gourmet lifestyle meal-prepped packages deliver healthy cuisine right to your door or your office, taking the hassle out of healthy-living, without sacrificing on flavour.

Meal Prep

Say goodbye to days spent starving, battling through client proposals, or evenings with your thumb hovering over Just East battling with the internal turmoil of should you cook something or order in?…again.

Instead of darting out the door with cold toast hanging out your mouth, Wouldn’t you rather have a delicious breakfast conveniently prepared for you by your very own chef? Zero fuss, no more peeling yourself away from that urgent client project to trundle to the shops, and the best part? (Almost) no washing up. (Sadly, we don’t clean the spoon for you!)

Well, now you can. Simply choose the best plan for you, and let us take care of the rest. What are you waiting for?