on 5th October 2018 | Healthy lifestyle

How to beat the snacks and curb your cravings

snacks and cravings

How to beat the snacks and curb your cravings

Everyone has cravings – you’re not alone. We all know how it feels to crave sugary and salty snacks, eat them, and then eat some more. That’s why the Pringles tagline is ‘once you pop, you can’t stop’. What begins as an innocent hand into a bag of crisps ends up with an empty packet and leaves you wondering how it happened. So why do you snack? And how can you stop?


There are several reasons why people snack. Some do it to deal with negative feelings. A tub of ice cream or a few beers after a bad day can be used to de-stress, but we reckon you won’t feel as good the morning after. It’s not inherently wrong to snack – if you eat a bowl of fruit or vegetables, that’s great. And we’re not going to guilt you if you like to indulge now and then. But overeating sugar and salt is bad for you. Before you ditch the junk food, you need to figure out why you eat so much of it. Are you stressed? Not eating filling meals? Or are you being lazy?

Snacking habits can be mindless. If you’re not craving anything specific, and you’re using food as a way to kill boredom, you should swap out the sweet treats for something a little bit healthier.

Unfortunately, while it’s easy for some to put the snacks down, for others it’s not. You may suffer from food addiction.


Some people doubt that food addiction is real but the changes to the brain that ingredients like sugar cause are scarily similar to the effects of drugs.

There are several factors to how this happens. It starts with leptin – this tells the body when you are full and don’t need to continue eating. However, junk food manipulates this so that you don’t recognise that you’re full and keep going. After that, this food affects the reward centre of the brain. It boosts the dopamine. But similar to drugs, you’ll start to want more and more of your favourite treats.

You can have all the willpower in the world, but if you’re addicted to a substance, be it drugs or sugar, it’s not going to be easy to stop the habit.

Signs that it’s addiction include:

  • Eating even when you’re full
  • Feelings of guilt and hiding your eating habits from others
  • Unable to stop yourself

We live in an age where we can eat anything, and there’s a shop on every corner which sells it. Bad food is often cheap, but that comes at a cost to your health. It’s time to say no to bad food, and give your body the nourishment it deserves.

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