A summer body in winter? Why that isn’t as crazy as you think
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on 27th December 2018 | Healthy lifestyle

A summer body in winter? Why that isn’t as crazy as you think

Summer body in winter

A summer body in winter? Why that isn’t as crazy as you think

We all know the saying: new year, new you. But when January comes around, we end up pushing aside our resolutions and repeating our mantra of “I’ll start tomorrow”. Any excuse not to go to the gym. Next thing you know, summer is here again, and you’re chasing the dream of the perfect summer body.

But instead of waiting for the sun to come out to get into gear why not start now? Space the work out over the course of the next few months. Ask yourself, would you prefer to be in shape all year round or only for a few months out of the year?

Getting fit

Exercise might seem difficult. Not necessarily the workout itself, but getting into the rhythm can be a headache. It might be challenging when you’re getting started, but once you get in the groove, it comes as naturally as having a shower, brushing your teeth, or going to sleep.

It’s not all about gym memberships and spin classes either; as long as you’re being active, it counts. Whether you walk, cycle, or swim your way to losing weight or building muscle, making sure you fit exercise into your schedule is critical. Remember, it’s not only about how you look. You should also be exercising to keep your mind healthy and your skin clear.

Food glorious food

At Christmas, we were probably all guilty of having a mince pie or two (or three). But now the fun is over it’s time to get into good habits early. Monitoring your eating habits is an excellent way to ensure you’re not overindulging on the sweet stuff. There’s no problem with some chocolate here or there – and you’re still allowed to celebrate New Year’s! But be sensible and know when to stop. During the festive months, we put on an average of 2Ib and struggle to work it off.

If you’re worried about calories, you might want to put down the prosecco. Alcohol contains a lot of calories, so when you’re counting down to midnight, try alcohol-free drinks instead. Not only will you escape the sugar but you’ll also be hangover free!

Meal prep

In the new year, you should consider a new diet. Keep the takeaways to a minimum and invest in good quality ingredients. Eating the right food is as essential as staying away from the wrong food. But sometimes, if you have a hectic job and social life, you don’t have the time to cook fresh, delicious and healthy meals.

At Soulmate Food we have created a range of freshly prepared dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as snacks and desserts. Why not swap out all the takeaways and fast food this year for a healthier alternative. All delivered straight to your door! Find the right meal prep plan for you today.