on 12th October 2018 | Healthy lifestyle

Superfoods for brighter skin

Superfoods for your skin

Superfoods for brighter skin

We’ve all been there; you’re looking in the mirror on a Monday morning wondering when your skin started to look so dull. Sure, it might be a side effect of the colder weather or not getting enough sleep, but more likely than not, the cause of your grey-looking skin is your diet.

Your diet affects everything from physical and emotional health to your skin. A lack of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients can cause our skin to look worse for wear. It’s time to get back your glow by eating the best foods for your body – superfoods.


The internet is a never-ending tidal wave of articles that seem to disagree with one another – one moment dark chocolate does wonders for you, and the next it’ll cause a break-out. But if there’s one type of food that you can rely on for radiant skin, it’s fats.

We recently talked about good vs bad fats, but the bottom line is not all fats should be avoided. Food favourites like avocados are beneficial to your complexion. The fruit’s fatty acids can help keep skin hydrated and soft. They also contain plenty of vitamin E which helps to brighten dull skin.


If you’re having problems with dry skin, you need omega-3. Found in fatty fish, it can help moisturise skin, keep it healthy, and reduce inflammation. It also does a pretty good job at fighting off blemishes.

Other skin brightening foods include citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and limes. They’re also brilliant sources of collagen-boosting proteins to tighten skin and keep away wrinkles.

Eat your greens

And if that isn’t your thing, leafy greens are a delicious way to fill your plate full of antioxidants to keep skin looking young. For example, broccoli is packed full of zinc, vitamins, and sulforaphane which helps fight against oxidative damage which can cause the skin to become dry and wrinkled. Sulforaphane is also a natural way to help protect your skin from sun damage.

It’s not difficult to include these foods into your diet, and it doesn’t have to taste bland either. Our meal plans include healthy fats, greens, fruit, and other skin boosting ingredients like oats, eggs, and sweet potatoes.  Not a fan of avocado on toast? Try the raw cocoa, black cherry avo yoghurt – it’s a protein-packed breakfast for plenty of energy and a glowing complexion. It’s also ridiculously delicious. If you prefer something savoury, our Italian chicken, pancetta, and broccoli rice salad will probably give your tastebuds a meal to remember.

If you’re fed up of dull skin, all you need to do is add more delicious superfoods into your diet, and you’ll notice the difference in no time. Say goodbye to gloomy skin and bland food, and hello to a bright complexion and nutritious meals and snacks.

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