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on 29th March 2019 | Performance based eating


Samantha Briggs is an athlete at the top of her game, best known for winning the CrossFit Games in 2013 and being crowed the fittest woman on earth, she has since finished four of her five appearances at the games in the top five.


With an ever-growing social media profile highlighting her passion and dedication to the sport, she is showing no signs of slowing down.


Back in January 2019, soulmatefood became Sam’s official sponsor, and since then we’ve been designing and developing Sam’s diet with military precision.


We sat down with Sam to chat through what the week in the life of a CrossFit champion looks like.


Firstly, welcome to soulmatefood Sam, we’re so excited to have you on-board!


As an athlete at the top of your game, your diet must play a huge part in your success – would you agree?


To be able to sustain a high level of training, it is vital you’re fuelling your body effectively and also to be able to recover properly.


What does your weekly training regime look like? How many rest days do you have, if any?


I don’t normally have any full rest days unless it’s after a major competition but twice a week I have lower volume/intensity active recovery days


My normal week is Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the gym from 9am-6pm. Tuesday and Saturday I’m in from 9am-3pm and on Thursday and Sunday I usually swim for an hour, and an hour or an hour and a half on my bike.


How many times per day do you need to eat to fuel such a busy training schedule?


I eat 5 meals a day and 2 snacks.


You’ve worked with soulmatefood to develop a plant-based plan, why is it you choose to lead a plant-based diet?


I eat about 80% plant-based as I found I digest the food easier and feel better going into my next training session – I’m always full of energy and generally feel much healthier!


Would you recommend a plant-based diet to anyone looking to get fit?


I went completely plant-based for 6 months which I felt was a really good learning period – it taught me a lot about how the body reacts to different foods. I have now reintroduced fish and a few other treats every now and again but my taste has changed, and I no longer crave the foods I use to eat.


Personally, I have found more variety in what I eat now that I eat more plant-based. I feel more energized, so I would recommend that people try it themselves and see how their bodies react to the change.


What is it about soulmatefood that you enjoy the most?


I love that each of the dishes feature so many ingredients. Eating healthy doesn’t have to taste bad!


What is your favourite dish from the soulmatefood menu?


I love the tofu goujons with chimichurri sweet potatoes.


It was your birthday recently, big question… did you eat cake?


I’m in the middle of qualifiers at the moment so no cake yet. But only one more week to go then I’ll have some 😉


What are you looking forward to the most about the next 12 months?


I’ll be competing at the CrossFit Games this August and can’t wait to get there.


Best of luck for the games this year, Sam – we know you’ll smash it!