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on 1st March 2019 | Plant based diet

Getting the right nutrients on a plant based diet

Getting the right nutrients on a plant based diet

Getting the right nutrients on a plant based diet

Forget everything you’ve heard about not being able to survive on a plant based diet. Is it impossible? Certainly not. Will it be easy? Actually, yes. In fact, thousands of perfectly healthy people are currently living offplant based diets. So what is all the fuss about?


We have all heard the general arguments against being strictly plant based. Some people think that you need meat to get the right amount of protein in your diet. But, you may be surprised at the amount of protein in some vegetables if you decide meat isn’t for you. Just look at the strongest man in Germany, Patrick Baboumin. He holds the world log lifting record in the 105kg-category. He is a former bodybuilder, and it shows. Yet, he maintains a plant based diet.


Clearly, you don’t always need meat to be fit and healthy. In fact, people who live on plant based diets tend to consume high amounts of fibre, and low amounts of saturated fat. Doing so can do wonders for your health. On the other hand, depending on what veggies you choose to live off, eating strictly plant based can lead to some mineral and vitamin deficiencies, and even illness. So it is vital to incorporate the right fruit and veg into your day. Here are three foods that are fantastic for veggie lovers who want to stay on top of their health.



Iron is a mineral that can sometimes be evasive on a plant based diet. But luckily, seaweed is packed full of it, and it tastes delicious too! Seaweeds like alaria, dulse, kelp, nori, spirulina, and agar, are fabulous sources of magnesium, calcium, iodine, iron, and chromium, as well as Vitamin A, C, E, and a few B’s.


Leafy Greens

An old classic. You can’t ever eat too many rich, dark green, leafy plants. Often, the darker the green, the better the nutritional value. For example spinach, kale, and broccoli contain high amounts of iron. A serving of spinach can provide as much as ⅓ of your days iron needs. Don’t forget the antioxidants inside these lush veggies, or the folic acid and vitamin A. That is just a part of the deal. Finally comes their high protein content. It is guaranteed that Patrick Baboumin will be eating plenty of these. Incorporating leafy greens into your diet and reaping the benefits is easy in salads or cooked as sides.



Even if you’re carb conscious, incorporating healthy whole grains into your diet can bring a host of incredible benefits. Whole grains have more fibre, vitamins, and minerals than their processed counterparts. They also don’t lead to weight gain as quickly. Whole grains are high in B vitamins, zinc, and importantly insoluble fibre. This helps with reducing bad cholesterol and reducing the risk of diet-influenced diseases. Grains are essential to any plant based diet.

Plant based meals can add great benefits to your diet, no matter your wellness goals. It always helps to plan your meals in advance so you know you are getting all the right nutrients. Soulmate Food has this covered. Get our easy, delicious meal plans straight to your door. No mess, no fuss, all you have to do pick the plan that suits your goals and enjoy.