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Thank You

Important information to help you get the most out of your plan

Congratulations on making your soulmatefood purchase, we do hope you enjoy your experience with us.

To ensure you get the most out of your plan, we have developed a number of useful functions for you to take advantage of, all of which are located in your personal account area. Be sure to visit your account area after reading the information below to set your first menu and to familiarise yourself with the tools at your disposal.

Please note, your plan starts at lunchtime on Monday so we suggest you grab a porridge or light bite for breakfast. We will then supply you with breakfast to cover the start of your next deliveries.

Choosing your own menu

Something you don’t like in your weekly menu? Then why not change it?

Your account areas allows you to view the upcoming weeks menu, and if there is a meal that is not to your liking, then simply click on the “Change Meal” button and choose a new dish from the range of replacements on offer. Once you are happy with your menu, click on the “Save” button, and that is it. You can change your menu from 13 days in advance up until midnight on the Tuesday evening, 5 days before your delivery.

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Pausing your deliveries

If for any reason you need to pause a full week’s deliveries, maybe an impromptu business trip or an impulsive break away, then you can now pause your deliveries for up to 4 weeks.  From within your account area, you will find a “Pause Deliveries” button at the lower end of the screen.  Clicking on this button will provide your pause options.

Restarting your deliveries
If you have paused your deliveries but you want to restart them again before your pause is due to end, then don’t worry.  Again, from your account area, you can automatically restart your plan on the next available delivery with just a click of a button.

Take a look now
Click on the button below to go straight to your account area and have a look around.

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